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Bits & Pieces has been a tool for understanding myself—a more
peaceful me. Writing this book has allowed me to open doors to
discover more of who “I am.” I have had experiences, shifted ideas,
sorted facts, discovered some of my beliefs and brought together some
of my ideas about biology and spirituality. My hope is that others might
fi nd more self-understanding, more self-realization from sharing my
story. We just might discover we are more alike than different.

I was feeling so crazy, detached and miserable, with anxiety galore.
About three years ago I was searching for a feel-better place. Among
all the modalities I tried, I walked into a Center for Spiritual Living,
thinking this might be an answer. At the time it was an unconscious
choice, walking this spiritual path, but now it’s a conscious choice.
I knew I didn’t like feeling this crazy, and that was a motivator for
me, an inertia buster, as I call it. I have had shifts of consciousness,
observed different viewpoints and I have totally changed my ideas of
how things work. A transformation, my evolution in consciousness.

Because of my personal and our collective consciousness, a spiritual
path may not be what we think, because things aren’t always as they
seem. It’s all in our views and our beliefs. The destination, unknown to
me at the time, was to walk a spiritual path. My life journey consisted
of experiences, that allowed me to reach my current understanding
about life. I have realized that we are following our destiny all the
time, creating life on the go. The best way is to become aware, we
become empowered making it a better journey—a better life for me
and for you. And the journey continues…


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